I read the email of Janette Toral asking if my company, Bigfoot Global Solutions was going to send a representative to the Advance E-Commerce Training. I immediately grabbed on the opportunity for two reasons. First, to be part of the training exclusive to DigitalFilipino.com Web Awards Winners, (the website I was managing – http://www.itzamatch.com won the Social Networking Award) second, I wanted to meet Janette Toral in person. Not only is she the woman behind DigitalFilipino.com, she also writes for Sunstar Daily Cebu and it’s not everyday that I have the chance to meet someone whose column I read regularly.

Finally, at the APEC Digital Opportunity Center Laboratory, the photo that I regularly saw in her SunStar column came to life. Janette Toral in the flesh, in person.

Janette opened the training by walking us through how to make sure our websites became highly visible. Other speakers: Mark Macalua for SEO and Aileen Apolo for Google did well in explaining how to make use of search engine optimization techniques and Google products such as Google Analytics and Google Adwards to improve website visibility. It is good to attend trainings like this and be reminded about the status of our websites in cyberspace.  As we check web rankings, analytics and web statistics reports, we always have the tendency to look at things with fresh eyes and always from the point of view of our trainers.

Later in the training, Jannete spoke about blogging and its importance. I have plenty of friends and officemates that blog. I must admit that all along blogging to me was nothing more than an electronic version of writing Dear Diary. I took it as something that only high school kids and teenagers would engage into as an escape from reality. As for the adults that blogged, they were all overgrown teenagers. I did not mind if I was not considered “in” and if I did not have any blog to share. The blog bug never got me — only until after I heard it explained to me by Janette from a business point of view and what it could actually do to help boost one’s business. She got 100 percent of my attention and before the training ended I was a blog convert.

Now, this is my first attempt at blogging. Thanks to Janette and her topic on blogs.

More of me and blogging…